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1321 the first mention of the farm in a document


A brief overview ...

  • 14th century: our farm was first mentioned in a document 

  • 1857: the farm was destroyed in a village fire – it had been rebuilt by 1859 

  • 1959: the farm is taken over by Georg Titschenbacher, father of Franz

  • 1960-62: reconstruction of the cowshed to accommodate a total of 20 cows

  • 1972-74: construction of the new residential house in what was then the "orchard" behind the cowshed building 

  • 1975/76: demolition of the old house

  • 1989/1993: the farm is taken over by Franz and Ulrike 

  • 1990: establishment of a small farm museum 

  • 1995: the attic of the new residential house was extended to create two holiday apartments, making the "holiday on the farm" area another branch of the business

  • 1997/98: a new cowshed was built outside the village 

  • 2001: refurbishment of the property. The garden was redesigned and the holiday apartments renovated.

  • 2002: redesign of the garden to create a wellness and herb garden 

  • 2012/13: the old cowshed was completely repurposed to create two holiday apartments and two comfort rooms that are all completely unique      

    Our livestock today: 
    23 cows | 20-25 young stock | ducks | goats | sheep | pigs | rabbits | cats

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