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Landlust & Schwalbennest 


It's hard to believe that just 15 years ago these lovely premises were still home to our cows. Modern furnishings are charmingly blended with traditional elements and 150-year-old wooden beams and convey an incredible feeling of wellbeing. 

The ground floor houses the heart of the building:


the large living room with an open ceiling and balcony. The suspended ceiling, which was once used for the cereal harvest, and the old beams on the walls imbue the room with a unique charm. 

Guests feel supremely relaxed in these spacious apartments with their enchanting blend of old and new.


In the morning you can tuck into fresh rolls – courtesy of our roll service – and our farm’s own products so that you start the day brimming with energy.


Our "Landlust" apartment


up to 8 people 


Up to 5 people can leave their routines behind and relax in our "Schwalbennest" apartment

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