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There’s so much to discover …


… on our farm and in our extensive, beautifully laid-out vegetable garden – with a view over the fields to Irdning.

A pleasurable stroll through the garden …

Do you still remember your childhood?

Do you recall eating a raspberry or cherry still wet with dew?

Smelling the distinctive fragrances of a variety of herbs?

Relax under the vine arbour in our garden and observe nature at play – you’ll see the flowers stretching towards the sun and swaying to the rhythm of the wind.


Take a look in the farm museum ...


Admire the tools of the former owners of the farm and discover the stories about them.


It’s great to chat and reminisce about days gone by over a shot of home-distilled schnaps. 

On balmy summer evenings you are cordially invited to a schnaps tasting on our cosy terrace while your children barbecue sausages in our own barbecue area.



Enjoy rural life at its most unspoiled …

Muck in together in the cowshed – guests who so wish are welcome to help out in our cowshed and even milk the cows. It’s also great fun to stroke our goat “Lili” and feed our ducks. Our many cats also need to be cared for, as do our chickens, rabbits, pigs and calves. There are certainly plenty of animals waiting to be petted on our farm!


And kids can really have a whale of a time with us!


Whether it’s in the garden or in our playground, racing across the farm on go-karts or bouncing high on our trampoline ...

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